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Organic Personal Care

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 To many of us, the benefits of eating organic food are intuitive. They are rich in nutrients and they help to minimize our exposure to toxic and synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and an assortment of other inputs that  we wish to avoid. In addition, because they are grown in a sustainable manner, organic foods promote and protect the health of farmers and the environment.organic personal care

While they may be less intuitive, the benefits of choosing organic personal care products are numerous as well. As with organic food, organic personal care products enable you to avoid exposure to harmful synthetic pesticides. They can also help you to avoid substances like triclosan, which are allowed for use in non-organic personal care products but are prohibited for use in organic personal care products. At the same time, because they are produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, organic personal care products help prevent against damage to valuable water resources, protect species diversity, and combat climate change.

It’s your body and your planet.

Organic. It’s worth it.